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We create forward-thinking digital strategies and content for brands and agencies looking to expand their reach, increase engagement, create new customers, and increase revenue.

Our story is simple but passionate. We are creators who understand what it takes to capture attention and engage audiences. We’ve organically grown our brand by creating podcasts, videos, and social media content that builds community and get people looking forward to hearing from us again. We use that same methodology for growth with everyone we work with. We know that not everyone puts an emphasis on having fun, being forward thinking, and creating high quality content on a consistent basis but we do.

Content Creation
Social Media

Think Smaller

Having thousands of social media followers means little if your audience isn’t talking back and taking action. It’s time to build relationships one customer at a time and make them look forward to hearing from you again.

Think Bigger

The bar has been raised for what consumers expect out of brands & content. When you're more fun, creative, and engaging your audience will come back wanting more. Exceeding expectations is easy when you think big.


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Sports Content Studio

Cress Media is a Chicago Sports Marketing Content Studio. We help brands activate sports fans by telling their story in a fun and engaging way via audio, video, and social content creation. We get your audience talking, taking action, and having fun with your brand online and offline. Whether in Chicago or any other part of the country Cress Media can handle your content creation and sports marketing needs.