Ultimate Entrepreneur Reading List

entrepreneur reading list

This is my Ultimate Entrepreneur Reading list. A list of books for entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers, hustlers and sports fans that want to be great.

Reading first thing in the morning for 40 minutes has been part of my daily routine for years. It’s something I look forward to every day as it’s an opportunity to learn and get better.

To help get the reading routine started in the first place I made sure to select books I was interested in, that way I didn’t see it as a chore. Naturally I gravitated towards things that are most prevalent in my life: entrepreneurship, business tips, running a startup, sports, comedy, creativity, and happiness.

After years of these 40 minute reading sessions I amassed a pretty large book collection. Since I have received so much value and wisdom from these books I thought that I’d share the love so that you could too.

I broke the list down by topic to help you better choose the books that interest you. When you click each affiliate link you’ll be taken to the Amazon page for that book. Because I’ve got a Kindle (which I love) I’ve purchased every one of these books from Amazon. Also, these books are in no order (in terms of hierarchy) so the ones at the top don’t necessarily mean that I like them more. More than likely it means that I read the most recently.

If you’ve got a good book on entrepreneurship, sports, creativity, mindfulness, leadership, or comedy then hit me up on Twitter @RobCressy or drop me a line at rob@cressmedia.com. I’m always looking for more great ones to read, learn from, and talk about.

Make sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE as I’ll be updating this as I continue to read more books.

Business/Leadership/Entrepreneur Books:

Life/Mindset/Happiness Books:

Creativity Books:

Sports Books:

Comedy Books:

Random Awesomeness Books:

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