Tips For Storytelling, Prospecting & Digital with Jordan Scheltgen (Ep 39)

Jordan Scheltgen, CEO & Founder of Cave Social, joins the Rob Cressy Show to tell an awesome story about using his creativity and having the balls to take a leap which […]

Huntz Colburn – Monkey Pickles (Ep 38)

Huntz Colburn, Founder of Monkey Pickles, joins the Rob Cressy Show to talk about doing what you love, building a community, the role of humor in business, how to choose who to […]

Jens Nicolaysen – Shinesty Co-Founder & CMO (Ep 35)

Jens Nicolaysen, Co-Founder and CMO at Shinesty, joins the Rob Cressy Show to talk about how they create the world’s most outrageous apparel for everyone and believes life’s too short for […]

31: Seth Shapiro – Diesel Films

Seth Shapiro, CEO of Diesel Films, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about lessons learned along his entrepreneurial and creative journey. He talks about his early days of what it […]

26: Dreaming Big & Dealing With Fear With Ric Gruber

Ric Gruber, President & Creative Director at Brandless, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about being a creator and getting paid for it, dreaming big and following your passion, dealing with […]

24: Having a Creative Mindset with Robin Gruen

Robin Gruen, Creative Director at Motiv8 Agency, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about having a creative mindset. Robin is a bundle of creative awesomeness. In our conversation she shares […]

Rob Cressy’s Guide To Being A Content Creator

Welcome to Rob Cressy’s Guide To Being A Content Creator. My mission in life is to be happy doing what I love. I love creating, growing, learning, engaging, having fun, […]

Creative Snapchat Tips To Take Your Game To A New Stratosphere

One way to turn an ordinary Snapchat picture, video, or story into something that makes you say WHOA! is by adding a little creativity to it. Not only does it make […]

15: Creative Excellence with Ponch Blesius

Ponch Blesius, Chief Creative Officer at Creative Promotional Products, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about creative excellence. In our conversation some of the topics Ponch Blesius and I cover include: […]

Ultimate Guide: Digital Marketing to Millennials

I’m Rob Cressy, Founder of Cress Media, and I specialize in digital marketing to millennials. I am a millennial and thus I think like a millennial. Know thy target demographic! […]

13: Monetize Your Passion with Jason Zook

Jason Zook joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about how to monetize your passion, be a disciplined creative, plus shares stories and advice from his spectacularly unique journey. In case you […]

10: Comedy Writing Tips with David Wolinsky

David Wolinsky, comedy writer, creator, and the teacher of my Humor Writing For The Internet classes at Second City, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about creating and comedy […]

Snapchat For Business: Grow, Engage, Deliver Results

Hi! I’m Rob Cressy, Founder of Cress Media, and I just finished teaching a Snapchat for Business workshop at 1871 Chicago. As an added value to the people in attendance […]

How I Tried To Land My Dream Job with Bill Simmons

If you saw a posting for your dream job what approach would you take to try and land it? This post is about the approach I took to try and land […]

6: Benefits of Visual Learning w/ Marc McLaughlin

Marc McLaughlin, International Partner & Business Designer at Business Models Inc., joins The Rob Cressy show to talk about visual learning and building better business models. In our conversation some of […]

Wynwood Walls Graffiti & Street Art

If you are ever in Miami I highly recommend stopping by Wynwood Walls, a graffiti and street art park. I stopped by on my way out of the city and could […]

How To Have More Fun & Be Happier

I’m an eternal optimist who is happy 99.9% of the time. I’m able to do so because I know how to have more fun in virtually any situation. I thought I’d […]

Snapchat Tips & Secrets | Make Your Snaps Stand Out

Want to know some Snapchat tips & tricks to make your Snaps stand out more and help grow your audience? Good. I just created a video explaining some fun and creative Snapchat tips […]


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