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So I’ve got an interesting request. I’m looking to trade social media/marketing/creative services in exchange for office space in Chicago to built out a small sports media office.

Here’s the deal. I landed an awesome client, DraftPros, where I’ll be hosting a five-day a week, one hour a day, live streaming web show about daily fantasy sports (for people who want to crush it at DraftKings & FanDuel). I’ll get more into the details about how I started working with them in a future post or podcast, just know that I’m beyond excited.

For this web show we want the quality to be top-notch as we have plans to grow the site into something huge. Currently I’ve been working out of my sports man cave office at home, which you can read more about in this post. Here’s a look at the setup.


Space is tight, to say the least, but I’m able to make due because that’s what you do when you run a startup.

To really take this show for DraftPros to the next level we are going to be installing a green screen so that creatively and visually we can do a lot more. Seeing as how my office is only 10×10 this doesn’t leave a lot of room for much, especially if I’m not the only one shooting at the time (I’ve got a co-host for the show and would like to bring in guests). I also plan on continuing to do podcasting for Bacon Sports, which is what the two desks are being utilized for (among other things).

So what I’m looking for is someone who’s got some available office space in Chicago that would be willing to allow me to build out a sports media studio in exchange for marketing, social media, or creative services (which is what I specialize in). When I mean “build out” I’m talking about very simple stuff like putting in a few desks, hanging the green screen, nothing that actually requires building. More just filling the space and allows us to shoot content.

I’m big into storytelling, relationship building, and getting attention so I’ve got no doubt that I can be a valuable resource/asset to someone’s operation. My dream has always been to open up a sports man cave office so that myself and other sports fans can creatively and comfortably work and create greatness in an environment they love.

If you know of anyone with available office space in Chicago (downtown or in the surrounding neighborhoods) that would be interested in being part of our story and helping the next chapter in our dreams come true then hit me up at rob@cressmedia.com.



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