Chris Brogan’s Simple Process For Setting & Accomplishing your #1 Goal


I just listened to the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas with author and business advisor Chris Brogan and it was so good and got me so jazzed up that I had to spread the word about it.

Chris talks about the 3-5-1k concept of accomplishing your most important goal and it goes a little something like this:

  • 3-5-1k
    • 3 – hours a day
      • break 3 hours into 20 minute blocks (3  – 20 min blocks per hour) – 9 total blocks.
      • put those 9 blocks anywhere you want in the day. but those 3 hours have to be what moves your goals inside your mission forward.
        • don’t waste your time on dumb stuff
        • you must carve out these 3 hours every day
    • 5 – percent
      • find the thing you want most want to change in your life and ask how you can make it go up 5% (ex. i want more subscribers to my newsletter – what do i need to do?)
      • its an easy number for you to know. it’s a measurable number. it’s relevant.
    • 1k – of the right people you want to serve
      • Google/read more about Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans
      • there’s a 1000 people out there that are into what i’m into and will buy what i’m selling.
      • focus on who you serve, changes how you execute on the other goals.

Focus on these 3 numbers every single day (3, 5, 1k) and you’ll accomplish your #1 goal.

Pretty simple process, right?

This really resinated with me because I’m always trying to improve on goal setting and accomplishing the things that matter most in business and in life. I can often get bogged down feeling like my to do list only goes up (even when it’s all stuff I’d like to do), and this simple formula makes the biggest things seem manageable.

I look forward to implementing 3-5-1k starting tonight.

I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes.


If you currently use the 3-5-1k process for goal setting or have another method that works for you I’d love to hear it. Hit me up on Snapchat @baconsports, Twitter @RobCressy, or rob@cressmedia.com.

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