1: Comedy Writing at The Onion with Scott Dikkers

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Scott Dikkers is one of the Founders of The Onion and was my teacher at Second City for the Writing With The Onion classes. He joins The Rob Cressy show to share comedy writing tips and principals for aspiring writers and creators. It goes without saying the plethora of comedy writing knowledge Scott has is out of this world, so we try and pack as much as we can into this episode.

On this podcast Scott Dikkers and I talk about:

  • The importance of writing Morning Pages and writing frequently.
  • Unleashing your inner clown.
  • In comedy writing a core principal is quantity = quality. Finding the 5% of your writing that is funny.
  • Funny filters for writing jokes.



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1. Learning at Second City and the Power of YES AND – One of the comedic fundamentals and building blocks for improv. The power of YES AND has a way of completely transforming your outlook on comedy and life.

2. 11 Funny Filters to Write Jokes – Every joke created uses at least one of these 11 funny filters. When writing comedy use these funny filters and you’ll quickly see improvement in your jokes. These come straight from my Writing for The Onion class and Scott Dikkers.

3. 21 Comedy Writing Tips – These comedy principals are building blocks for the rest of your comedy writing and no doubt will help increase the quality of your jokes and writing. These also come straight from my Writing for The Onion class and Scott Dikkers.

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