40: Creating Amazing Relationships with Joe & Patrick from Pro-Ject


Joseph Lucchese and Patrick Welby, relationship architects that build unforgettable experiences at Pro-Ject, join the Rob Cressy Show to talk about the process of creating amazing relationships and how it can help you build your network. Pro-Ject does some incredible work in the experiential marketing space so we also dish about how to create an unforgettable experience and connect with your audience.


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  • Did this podcast get you to take action in some way? Are you a creator who’s hustling or building something great? How are you good at creating amazing relationships? I’d love your thoughts and feedback on our conversation. You can hit me up on Instagram @Rob_Cressy, Twitter @RobCressy, and Facebook/RobCressyBiz.
  • I’m always looking to connect with other like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs and/or work with forward-thinking companies looking for a creative thinker. If that’s you or you know someone then drop me a line at rob@baconsports.com.

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