Awesomest NFL Draft Party in Chicago

We love the NFL Draft and we wanted to deliver an experience for sports fans unlike any other. That’s why we set out to throw the Awesomest NFL Draft Party that Chicago has ever seen.

​Here’s a recap video of the awesomeness that went down.


What made it the Awesomest NFL Draft Party ever? We had good beer and tons of giveaways including a year supply of Hormel Black Label Bacon…


Plus a bacon scavenger hunt where we hid boxes of bacon underneath chairs in the bar.

ManCrates was in the house seeing who was man enough to open a ManCrate.

And when Johnny Manziel got drafted by the Browns we were there to capture the reaction of some very happy fans.


Bacon + Sports + Beer + Giveaways is a great combination.


And leads to happy sports fans.

​We raised the bar for what sports fans can expect out of an event. Anyone can throw a party, but going the extra mile to increase engagement and make sure customers have an unforgettable experience is where it’s at. That’s when they’ll come back wanting more. 

Click here to see the full gallery and breakdown from our Awesomest NFL Draft Party.

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