Creative Snapchat Tips To Take Your Game To A New Stratosphere

creative snapchat tips

One way to turn an ordinary Snapchat picture, video, or story into something that makes you say WHOA! is by adding a little creativity to it. Not only does it make the process of creating snaps more fun, but your audience will thank you for it.

A creative snap helps your personality shine and message stand out. In the sea of mundane snaps yours will be a breath of fresh air because you took the time to exceed the expectations of your audience. When you do that repeatedly you’ll see your account grow, your audience engage more, and everyone wins.

I like to look at each snap that I create as a piece of art. What can I do to make it better? More fun? Make things pop more? The more creative you are with your snaps the more you’ll train the content filter in your head to know what’s good.

There are no rules to creativity so let your inner artist shine!

Here are some creative Snapchat tips that I use to help my snaps stand out. Make sure to bookmark this page as I’ll continue to update it as Snapchat releases new features.

Add Music to Snapchat Videos

You can do this using Spotify or iTunes on your phone. All you’ve got to do is open up Snapchat then go over to your music app, play the song you want to have in the background, then head back over to Snapchat and create your video. It’s super simple.

If you are really creative & good you’ll know certainly lyrics in a song and can mash it up to what you are snapping about.

Moving Emojis & Stickers

Want emojis to move around with your Snapchat video? All you’ve got to do is hold the emoji on the screen with your finger.

I like to utilize this creative snapchat tip a few ways.

  1. Have emojis dancing/moving around the screen (to make something mundane pop.) To make them move just move your phone back and forth over the place (like if you were waiving to someone.)
  2. To have an emoji follow a certain path. For example, if you are creating a Snapchat video where you are showing your face you could put on the sunglasses emoji, hold it down on the screen, then as you move the sunglasses will move with you.

Multiple Filters

multiple snapchat filters

I love layering my Snapchat pictures and videos with multiple filters as it helps break up the monotony and make the snap pop.

To apply multiple Snapchat filters just hold down on your screen with one finger to keep your current filter, then keep swiping to add more.

If you really want to go next level then play around with the reverse Snapchat filter. You rarely see it used because it’s hard to make it look good. However, if you figure out a scenario in which it does work then it’s a home run.

Have a Beginning and End To Your Story

If you are creating a Snapchat story that has more than a few snaps in it then I recommend creating a start and end point for the story. That way your audience is more aware of what’s going on.

snapchat the end

For example, “Lollapalooza story begins in 3…2…1…” or on the flip side just putting “The End.” This allows you to move on to another topic/story (if you want) and the audience is able to follow along better.

Creating Solid Color Backgrounds


This is a super easy, yet often overlooked creative Snapchat tip. The easiest way to change your background to a solid color or pattern is to find something around you that you want as the background. Take the camera on your phone and get as close to it as possible so that it gives you the desired effect.

bacon sports snapchat geofilter

I often do this to create black and red backgrounds. To create black I just put the lens of the camera against a hard surface like a countertop, desk, or floor. To create red I’ll put my finger over the lens of the camera. I’ve also zoomed in on a red flower before. Really any object that has color can be used.

Snapchat Lenses


You may have seen people take Snapchat videos and have goofy faces, flowers on their head, or turn them into a dog. Those are Snapchat lenses and they can add a ton of creativity to your snaps. To use one all you need to do is make sure your camera is facing towards you (selfie style.) From there just hold your finger on the screen on your face and you’ll see a menu of options appear. From there just pick the Snapchat lense that you want to use.


There is even a Snapchat lense that allows you to face swap yours for someone in your camera roll.

Thought Bubbles


I love using thought bubbles because it makes the scene and text pop so much more. It is also a great opportunity to show people, animals, or inanimate objects thinking something. This definitely opens up the door for tons of comedy.

Creating Borders Using Emojis & Stickers


Sometimes there’s something really awesome that you want to snap but not everything in the frame is that cool. One way around this is to use emojis and stickers to create a border around what you want to highlight.

snapchat borders

One situation in which I do this often is when I’m watching sporting events. If I see an awesome play happen I’ll rewind and take a Snapchat video of the play. No one wants to see what my TV stand looks like so to solve this problem I just add an emoji border around the screen and voila!

Resize Emojis and Stickers


One of the things that I love about Snapchat is the tools they give you to be creative. I like to take the emojis and stickers they give you, resize them, add a whole bunch of them together, and create something unique.


Use Color To Draw Borders

color border snapchat

You can also use the pen tool to draw borders around your snap to make it pop more.

snapchat draw borders

Shonduras does a great job of using a filter, colors, creating a border, and using emojis to make his snap stand out.

Use Color To Make Text Pop


I’ve found that white is often the most legible color. The problem becomes when the white color blends into the background or you just want the text to stand out even more. That’s when you go over to the pen and find the color that you want to use to highlight your text. Problem solved.

Tell Your Audience To Screenshot


One of the good engagement opportunities that Snapchat has is the ability to screenshot a snap. Notifying your audience ahead of time on what you want them to screenshot is a great primer to increase your engagement rate.


It also never hurts to ask questions. You want to get the conversation started so that you build up an engaged audience.

screenshot this snapchat

Another great call to action is giving your audience promo codes. This allows you to track where it came from and measure the results.

Simplicity Can Be Your Friend


The opposite of having visual effects all over the place is to make things as singular and simple as possible. This allows what you want to convey to stand out without any noise.

Conclusion: Let Your Artistic Creativity Shine on Snapchat


Whether you are an awesome artist and storyteller like Shonduras…


…or you are a goofball like me who likes to have fun, entertain, and interact with your audience. The more you put yourself out there and put extra thought and creativity in your Snapchat stories, the awesomer the platform becomes.

If you have any creative Snapchat tips that you use I’d love to hear them. Hit me up on Snapchat @baconsports or drop me an email: rob@cressmedia.com.

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