19: Award Winning Sommelier Liz Mendez Talking Snapchat Strategies

liz mendez snapchat strategies
Liz Mendez, an Award Winning Sommelier and owner of Vera Chicago, joins The Rob Cressy Show to talk about Snapchat strategies and tips for using the platform to grow your business. Liz is one of the most creative and entertaining Snapchat accounts I follow, and she gives insight into how she creatively approaches the platform, plus how she uses it to market her business.

In our conversation some of the topics Liz Mendez and I cover include:

  • Snapchat creativity: How is she so good on the platform?
  • Snapchat strategies: What is her mindset and does she create content buckets?
  • Snapchat Memories: Tips for using it.
  • What’s her Snapchat mindset?
  • Is Twitter dead or is there still a ton of value there?
  • What’s the best piece of advice she’s been given?


  • You can connect with Liz Mendez on Twitter @MendezMusings and on Snapchat at MendezMusings.

Feedback (I want to hear from you):

  • How do you use Snapchat to market your business?
  • Have a Snapchat tip or suggestion?
  • What’s your experience with Snapchat Memories been so far?
  • Are you looking for someone to create a personalized Snapchat Strategy for your company?
  • Hit me up at rob@cressmedia.com or on Twitter @RobCressy and lets talk.

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