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Help Us Help You.


Just like Jerry Maguire wanting to help Rod Tidwell. We are here to help make your business and your customers lives better through having fun, creating awesome content, and a love of sports. We are firm believers in creating win-win situations and that’s reflective in everything we do.

There’s a few problems we see out there that help shape our content marketing philosophy.

Problem 1: Traditional marketing has become dated.

We are in a digital world where staring at a glowing screen is the norm. You might not be big into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope but your audience certainly is. The opportunity to grow your business by connecting and engaging with your most valuable asset in a fun and engaging way has never been greater. They are consuming digital content like Hungry Hungry Hippos so your messaging need to be on point.

Problem 2: Most digital content sucks and there’s a lot of it.

Sure anyone can create a social media post but can you consistently create one that gets people talking back and look forward to hearing from you again?

Content is King. You’ve gotta create high quality content that’s authentic and engaging or your audience won’t care. We use the improv and comedy writing fundamentals learned over 4 years at Second City combined with an undying love of sports to deliver a calibre of content that is unmatched. There’s a reason why we call it premium.

Problem 3: There’s not enough fun out there.

You know a headline that you’ve never read, “Local man wishes he had less fun in his life.” People are on social media, attend events, and interact with brands because it’s fun. Unfortunately many brands don’t hold up their end of the bargain with their messaging or events. It’s not about you, it’s about them. Please the customer and we guarantee they’ll come back wanting more. That’s why we make it a focus to amplify fun in everything we do.

At Cress Media we solve all these problems. We facilitate the handshake between companies and sports fans quicker by creating engaging sports marketing, social media, events, and digital content that touches the audience.


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