Rob Cressy’s Content Creation

To give you a better idea on Rob Cressy’s content creation capabilities as well as his knowledge base, here’s some of what he has created.

  • BaconSports.com: Sports comedy, pop culture, with a love of jerseys. Over the last 3.5 years I’ve created 1900 articles and 250 YouTube videos resulting in over 1.4 million page views.
  • The Bacon Sports Podcast: A sports comedy podcast. I’ve shot 150 episodes, including a How To Make It In Sports Media series where I share the journey of people who have made a career of working in sports.
  • Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration: An event I created (and threw twice) that was attended by 700+ bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fans at Union Station that featured 20 Chicago Restaurants serving bacon dishes, 25 craft breweries, and a whole bunch of sports awesomeness. The formula was simple: create a win-win situation between the vendors, the people they are looking to target (the attendees), and then capture a ton of fun and engaging content.
  • Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party: I convinced NASCAR to throw a bachelor party for myself and 13 friends. The way I did that was by pitching to them that NASCAR is a fun and accessible event for all sports fans (not just people who are die hard NASCAR fans) and I’d tell that story through our experience and the content I created.
  • Show Me The Money: 5-days a week, live, daily fantasy sports show that I wrote, hosted, and produced over 100 episodes of.
Comedy (I’ve studied improv and comedy writing for the last 4 years at Second City)
  • 21 Comedy Writing Tips: These are 21 comedy writing tips learned during my Writing for the Onion class at Second City. These tips are building blocks for being a great comedy writer.
  • 11 Funny Filters to Write Jokes: These are the 11 funny filters that you can use to formulate jokes. These principals come straight from my Writing for the Onion class at Second City and allow you approach comedy writing from a very high level.
  • Comedy Writing at the Onion: Podcast I shot with Scott Dikkers, one of the Co-Founders of The Onion and my teacher at Second City, where we talk about comedy writing tips.
  • The Awesome Power of Improv: Podcast I shot with Kate Duffy, comedian, writer, and my first improv teacher at Second City, where we talk about how improv can help you in business and in life.


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