Sage Summit Day 3: Ashton Kutcher & the CEO of Kickstarter

sage summit day 3

Day 3 of Sage Summit was the victory lap. After an incredible first two days that saw Richard Branson, Daymond John, and Robert Herjavec take the stage coupled with The Killers rocking our socks off at night, I didn’t know how it could get any better. Amazingly, though, it did.

Taking the stage on the final day were Ashton Kutcher and Kickstarter CEO & Co-Founder Yancey Strickler. Like the speakers before them, they crushed.

Here are the best quotes and nuggets of wisdom that Ashton & Yancey dropped at Sage Summit Day 3. (Note- if there’s an “a” next to a quote it’s from Ashton, a “y” from Yancey):

  • Cash is a good position to be in -a
  • He sat in rooms where he was the dumbest person and kept his mouth shut (when he started learning how to be an investor) – a
  • Be willing to be mentored by anyone from any age (don’t have age bias) -a
  • He failed for 4 years initially trying to make Kickstarter happen -y
  • The most successful leaders: ability to control their emotions. Open generosity. Humility to ask for help -a
  • Be willing to say I don’t know -a
  • What to look for in Founders: Gritty, problem solver, domain expertise, can they sell their product -a
  • Do they have a clear understanding of what the problem is? -a
  • Really successful businesses challenge some intuition we have -a
  • Great businesses challenge data nodes. (Ex Airbnb, Kickstarter- why would you let a stranger stay in your place?) -a
  • People are excited to be part of ideas. It’s intimate (why people back Kickstarter campaigns) -y
  • Social media value: customer service and relations standpoint (very valuable.) Gives people a place to bring their feedback. Brings transparency. Leads to high quality product -a
  • Marketers forget that social media is a conversation with a feedback loop. It’s a conversational marketing engine -a
  • Celebrities go to where the fans are (social media platform wise) -a
  • Social media is an addiction and makes it hard to maintain clarity of thought -y
  • Social media is mental sugar -y
  • Put your phone on do not disturb mode. It’s the only way to get things done. Don’t think that social media and responding to messages means getting things done  -y
  • Early stage in a startup you need a lot of people that wear a lot of hats. People who aren’t afraid to take risks, run shit, seek feedback, overcome obstacles. -a
  • Small groups: communication is key. Being on the same road map -a
  • As a company grows it transitions into specialists. People need to stay in their lane (less jack-of-all-trades). That’s hard when some people have been with you since the beginning and they aren’t specialists. -a
  • As a leader absorb and understand what’s needed -y
  • Space he’s looking at the most: Cyber security -a
  • People will realize the value of their privacy -a
  • Own your hustle in every part of your work -y
  • Think of abundance and scarcity -y
  • I hear people talk about their legacies and I think they are assholes -a

If you missed my recaps from the first two days of Sage Summit you can check them out here:

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