Social Media Enthusiast Shantel Khleif (Ep 33)

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Shantel Khleif, Social Media Enthusiast & CEO of Imagine Media Consulting, joins the Rob Cressy Show to talk about social media marketing, brand storytelling, plus share lessons from her entrepreneurial journey. What was her mindset when she took her entrepreneurial leap and what piece of advice given has really resonated with her? What is more important in social media marketing: action or strategy? What does she say to potential clients who believe that Facebook doesn’t work for them? Why shouldn’t interns be in charge of a brand’s social media? How does she qualify her clients and why is saying no so important? Do brands need to be on all social media platforms? How would she rank the social media platforms in terms of results & popularity? What is the future viability of Snapchat? What are some storytelling tips?


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  • Did this podcast get you to take action in some way? Are you a creator who’s hustling or building something great? How do you live in action? I’d love your thoughts and feedback on our conversation.
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