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Snapchat Memories just got released in the latest update and I’m doing backflips of excitement as it’s about to take my (and your) Snapchat game to a whole new level. For a while now I’ve been all in on Snapchat thanks to recommendations from top influencers (Gary Vaynerchuck, Tai Lopez) plus experiencing for myself what makes the platform so special.

This article is about how I am going to use Snapchat Memories to grow and engage my audience at Bacon Sports, create user-generated content, work with brands, and you can too.

The first thing that stood out about Snapchat Memories is the ability to upload photos and videos from your camera roll. This is an absolute game changer for the platform for numerous reasons.

  1. You no longer need to capture a moment in Snapchat to have it appear in your story. You can use photos and videos from your camera roll.
  2. The ability to create user-generated content.
  3. The ability to create stories aggregated from a collection of snaps.

No longer needing to be in Snapchat to add a picture or video to your story takes the shackles off the app and allows you to have the creative freedom like you are used to on other social media platforms. You can add pictures and videos at your leisure (instead of having to do it real-time) which gives you more opportunities to create fun and engaging content. Brands can also add more polish on what they post, if they desire, by producing Instagram like pictures or videos to post to their story.

I do have to caution you, however, to make sure you continue to be authentic to the platform with your content. Having the ability to upload photos and videos is cool, but what made Snapchat awesome to me is the creative tools they give you on top of the engaging platform. The last thing we, as an audience or fan of a brand, wants to see is “your Instagram feed version 2.0.” Remember: having a unique strategy for each social media platform is the key to success in digital marketing.

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The thing that I’m most excited about, which all brands who care about engaging their audience should be excited about too, is the ability to have your audience be part of your Snapchat stories (aka creating user-generated content) by screenshotting snaps they send you and then uploading them as part of your story.

At Bacon Sports we have the largest audience of sports fans that love jerseys. On a daily basis on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat members of the Bacon Sports community send me pictures of jerseys they see people rocking on the street. Previously I could only repost them on Instagram and Twitter. Now, with Snapchat Memories, I have the ability to screenshot any jersey pic that is sent to me and then upload that to the Bacon Sports story.

To take this one step further, Snapchat Memories also gives you the ability to create a story from your Memories or camera roll. That means I now have the ability to aggregate all of the jersey pics that are snapped to me over a period of time and put them in a story. This is something that I plan on doing as a weekly recurring story to engage my audience.

Here’s an example of the first Random Jerseys Snapchat story that I put together.

To take this concept another step further, I plan on building out “content buckets” of user-generated content that the Bacon Sports audience sends me. This could be anything from creating photo contests to send me a pic of your koozie to here are the coolest things members of the Bacon Sports community did this week. Really the possibilities are endless, but it all starts with asking your followers to send you snaps. Once you’ve got your content buckets figured out, see what’s getting the best response, then rinse and repeat.

And here’s the thing, this is actually the fun part. Until the Snapchat Memories update, I was always wanting to be able to engage with my audience more. To be able to include them in my stories more than just shout outs. Now Snapchat gave that capability and I plan on running wild with it.

It should go without saying that being able to incorporate people who know, like, and trust you on Snapchat would be something that brands would want as part of their strategy. I have a saying I use often, “Smiles Don’t Lie.” It doesn’t get much better for brand marketing then showing people interacting and having fun with your brand. It’s fun, engaging, and authentic. Winner winner chicken dinner.

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Along these same lines, another way I plan on using Snapchat Memories is to create stories that I’ll send over to brands. I am going to take the snaps I create that are specific to a brand, and show them the positive brand interactions I’m having.

For example, Smith & Forge Hard Cider has sent me free product as an influencer. I love their brand messaging and product so it’s a win-win situation for both of us. Any time myself or one of my friends are drinking Smith & Forge I make sure to take a snap of it. I then tag my contact at the agency (shout out to Danielle) as well as download the picture to my camera roll and tweet it to Smith & Forge.

With Snapchat Memories I now have the ability to create a story where I save all of my Smith & Forge snaps so when the time comes I can deliver to them a 1 or 2 minute Snapchat story of how my friends and I lived up Summertime Chi while enjoying Smith & Forge.

Here’s the start of the story I plan on sending to Smith & Forge once the summer is over.

Do you think that is something that Smith & Forge, as well as other brand you could work with, might be interested in? You’re damn right. What brand wouldn’t want one of their fans sending over a fun and authentic video advertising their product?!

For all you hustlers out there this is a great opportunity for you to start creating content for brands that you want to work with by providing value right out of the gate. If you are already in love with a brand and using it often then take a minute, create a cool snap, save it to your Memories, and start creating your brand story. Do this for numerous brands that you dig. Rinse and repeat. When the time is right send it to them. It’s a much better way of trying to get their attention then sending a cold email.

It’s only a few days in to the launch of Snapchat Memories and I’m sure there will be even more features added on that’ll have me going coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. The opportunity to create fun, engaging, and authentic relationships while growing your brand on the platform has never been greater. If you missed my first article on how you can to grow, engage, and deliver results on Snapchat then you can check it out at the image below.

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If you have a creative way that you are using Snapchat Memories I’d love to hear it. You can hit me up on Snapchat @BaconSports. Also, if you are a company or brand that is looking to step up your Snapchat game and would like some expert assistance then drop me a line at rob@cressmedia.com. I’d love to chat about how I could help out.

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