Social Media Lessons From 2 Chainz


Do you wanna pull up to the scene with your ceiling missing? Then when it comes to social media and content creation take a page from 2 Chainz. Be Different.

In the chorus of his song “I’m Different” 2 Chainz says:

I’m different, yeah I’m different
Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
Middle finger up to my competition

In some of the prospecting I’ve done for our social media and engagement marketing services I’ve heard the same responses over and over from companies. “Our engagement is the same as others in our industry.” When I look at their Facebook page their posts have single digit likes and are lucky to have any comments despite having thousands of followers. Their engagement is as close to zero as it gets.

To compare your social media efforts to others in your industry is absurd when the current standard of engagement and quality of content that is being produced is pretty much garbage. What I hear them saying is, “we do a good job on Facebook because we put up posts and our crappy numbers are the same as everyone else’s crappy numbers so there’s nothing wrong with what we are doing.”

The engagement that your competition has on their social media channels has no bearing on how engaged your audience is with your brand. The goal of social media marketing isn’t to keep up with the Joneses. It is to get your audience to care and engage with what you are putting out there so that you can continuously build relationships with them, which in turn will lead to more brand loyalty, word of mouth/social proof, and dollars spent with you.

Another thing that I’m hearing is, “content creation is not that difficult.” Once again, just because you are putting up posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram doesn’t mean that your audience cares about it. Is content creation difficult? No. Is high quality, engaging content creation difficult? Yes. Otherwise everyone would already be doing it and you and I both know that’s far from the case.

So I urge you to be more like 2 Chainz and stick a middle finger up to your competition. Be Different and your audience will thank you. Create some original, high quality content and see what happens.

If you need help with the content creation or social media engagement you know where to go. Hit us up on Twitter @HeyCressMedia or drop me a line at rob@cressmedia.com.

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