How To Have More Fun & Be Happier

I’m an eternal optimist who is happy 99.9% of the time. I’m able to do so because I know how to have more fun in virtually any situation. I thought I’d […]

Ultimate Entrepreneur Reading List

This is my Ultimate Entrepreneur Reading list. A list of books for entrepreneurs, creatives, marketers, hustlers and sports fans that want to be great. Reading first thing in the morning for […]

The Most Important Part Of My Morning Routine

Without a doubt the most important parts of my morning routine, which is something I attribute much of my success in business and in life to, is having a reading routine where […]

How and Why I Wake Up at 5:29 am

Have you ever wondered how to wake up early? For the longest time I did, until I figured out a simple life hack that allowed me to wake up earlier. This […]

Life Hack: Naked Pre-Shower Pushups

I’m always working on creating new life hacks and routines to make my life better and more efficient. Recently I started doing daily naked pushups as I waited for the shower to […]


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