The Team

With all due respect to MJ, Larry, and Magic, we are the new Dream Team. At Cress Media we hustle like Rick Ross, create like Steph Curry, and have the drive and determination of Kobe Bryant. We’re always watching sports, have a smile on our face, and believe this is gonna be a great day. We don’t stop creating, thinking, or laughing and really like bacon and beer.

Rob Cressy

Rob is a yinzer from Pittsburgh who is usually awesome, laughing often, and was raised to love sports. He’s spent the last 4 years studying improv and humor writing at Second City and these comedic fundamentals are instilled in everything he creates. He sold online advertising for six years, including almost four for the largest online obituary website in the United States. He took that challenge because he knew if he could sell advertising on an obituary website that he could do anything. After that he started BaconSports.com with the goal of turning it into the awesomest sports media company ever. He’s the editor-in-chief and in charge of social media, among other things.

Rob has also run with the bulls in Spain, ended up on SportsCenter during his bachelor party, and once made 104 free throws in a row at the gym. He’s got a near death experience under his belt, has run 4 Men’s Health Urbanathlon’s and countless half marathons, and loves putting smiles on peoples faces.


Unofficial mascot. She keeps the floors clean from food, is a good listener, and enjoys Beggin Strips & Dingos. She once ate a Christmas Ornament and stared in a 17 week video series where she picked NFL games.


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