Our Expertise

Like Bo Jackson we are a 5-tool agency. None of this light hitting middle infield defensive replacement stuff who only does one thing. We do it all!

We are content creators who know a whole lot about building a community and engaging an audience. We’ve built BaconSports.com from nothing to one of the leading sports comedy websites online today with very little resources and lots of social media engagement. We create original articles, videos, and podcasts on a daily basis so when it comes to putting out awesome content that’s what we do…all the time. We use the improv and comedy writing fundamentals learned at Second City to instill a level of quality and originality that is unrivaled.

Because we wanted to engage and support our bacon loving, jersey rocking, sports fan community we starting throwing events. We’ve always believed that events should be more fun and engaging and less like a trade show or just your average Saturday at the local sports bar. They should be premium in nature and deliver an experience unlike any other, so that’s what we set out to do. Create the awesomest events known to man.

We’ve thrown two 700+ person Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration’s at Union Station which included working with over 20 restaurants, 25 craft breweries, and 60 total companies each time. We also threw the Awesomest NFL Draft Party, the Ultimate NASCAR Bachelor Party, and a 12 dude, 2 RV Redhook Roadtrip to name a few more events. You can check out our portfolio of work and see what we’ve been doing and how we do it.

We also have over 15 years of sales experience, so we know how to deliver results. Sales is about hustling, building rapport, and delivering on clients goals. We know how important repeat business is to you as well as us. That’s why we are always striving to exceed expectations and create win-win situations.

Our goal is to make your business better and to put smiles on faces. We are always learning and improving, creating and engaging, high fiving and connecting. You aren’t gonna find anyone who crushes engagement marketing like we do!


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Cress Media is a Chicago Sports Marketing Content Studio. We help brands activate sports fans by telling their story in a fun and engaging way via audio, video, and social content creation. We get your audience talking, taking action, and having fun with your brand online and offline. Whether in Chicago or any other part of the country Cress Media can handle your content creation and sports marketing needs.