Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing is about connecting with your audience and encouraging them to participate with your brand. Your customers are your most valuable asset and the stronger the connection you build with them, continuously over time, wherever they are, the more valuable they become.

With so many companies and messages competing for your customers attention the way to cut through that noise is by presenting them with something that is actually going to engage them. Marketing has shifted from “hey look at me” to developing a relationship with the brand and actively including your customers in your marketing.

At Cress Media we are here to help you engage and grow your audience online and offline in a fun and creative way. We create targeted, personal communication across all channels that continues the conversation no matter where they are.

And just like any growing and successful relationship this is a continuous process. A customer’s first purchase or engagement is only the beginning of their value. One interaction asks for another interaction, becoming part of a chain of interactions.

The beauty of engagement marketing is that as your company and relationships with your customers grow, all of this is scalable.

Here’s a look at the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration, an engagement marketing event we created attended by 20 local Chicago restaurants, 25 craft breweries, and over 700 bacon and craft beer loving sports fans.

One of the reasons why it was such a success is that it created a win-win situation for both the exhibiting restaurants and craft breweries as well as the attendees that love what they had to offer.

From idea to planning to execution to follow-up. We can handle every phase in the engagement marketing process and create an unforgettable interaction.

If you are looking for an engagement marketing campaign then shoot an email to rob@cressmedia.com and lets talk about how we can create something amazing!


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